Enduring Understanding

Testimonies of a Christian and lessons learned on the journey. Psalm 119:2

A Glimpse of Heaven

A glimpse of heaven. So today as I write my first blog post there is snow on the ground and the sky is dreary.  I’m in need of some warmth!  I’m thinking back to a Sunday a few weeks back. My pastor was preaching (I really love my two pastors).  I was at church sitting by myself and saw one of my friends during the service and smiled and waved.  A warmness filled my heart with thoughts of my pastor and my friend.  When I went up to communion I saw a few more of my friends and made eye contact and we shared a smile.  I thought, this must be what heaven is like…all my favorite people.  After service was over I chatted with one friend and shared a few laughs, hugs and smiles.  Then I saw a couple of my other friends and got to talking with them.  Eventually my group of friends went downstairs for hospitality (free yummy snacks!!!) and continued getting our fellowship on.  Many of my friends are gabbers like me (surprise) and we literally were the last ones to leave and had to close the church up behind us. I shared with one of my friends that this must be what heaven is like.  My dad and his son (both who passed away) get to hang out with each other and all our favorite people are in one place.  Not only that, we can talk and talk and laugh and smile with no time limits.  We won’t have to rush off to the bank before it closes or head to bed to get ready for work.  There will also definitely be lots of music and good food!  Thank God, in these dreary days, that easily will suck the joy out of me if I let it, that there is a glimpse of heaven on earth.  My heaven will be filled with my favorite people, no time limits and infinite examples of God’s love for me!


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