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Testimonies of a Christian and lessons learned on the journey. Psalm 119:2

Hope Was Born in a Barn


A short thought for my dear readers! Enjoy!

Hope was born in a barn!  Not that long ago we celebrated Christmas and the birth of Jesus.  There seems to be a season that we celebrate this special gift and then we stop.  However, such a special gift like Jesus should not be celebrated just on one day.  One of my favorite rappers, K-Drama, has a song called All Year Long about celebrating Christmas all year long.  So with that in mind, I continue reflecting on the Christmas story.

I think about such a small baby boy who could fit in your arms and how his presence changed the world.  I think about his humble beginnings.  I think about the words my pastor said Christmas day about keeping vigil (keep watch, keep awake) for joy and hope in the world and to see Christ in our midst.  My pastor said that Christ brought joy and hope that BREAKS the darkness. I remember that his name Emmanuel means God among us!  My favorite online pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church shared in his Christmas message that the Holy family never gave up, even in dark times. Pastor Steven shared that when we have hope that hope leads to trust.

This January as everyone is pushing to realize old and new dreams, I encourage you, as I encourage myself to feed your hope.  Keep your dreams alive! Keep praying, keep hoping, keep learning, keep growing and keep moving forward.  Even Jesus had humble beginnings. He was born in a stable with other animals, nothing fancy, nothing worth stopping at for a city tour.  And yet, from this small seed, grew new life, grew a boy, who became a man that saved the world!  Your dream may be small, they may be “nothing fancy”, but let it grow.  Letting your small seed grow may inspire others. But most importantly it will delight your heavenly Father as you move toward His plans for you.  Let us all be on the come up this year and let our little light become a fire that all can see!


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One thought on “Hope Was Born in a Barn

  1. Amen! Let’s hold onto the hope and joy of Jesus!

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